For more than 18 years, Paul Pekney has been keeping the lights on in Western Pennsylvania as a registered, licensed, and insured electrician. His company, Price Light Electric, is a full service electrical contracting company confident in tackling any electrical problem, and no job is too small. “Many people see a how-to article or show, and they think that doing their own electrical work is as easy as what they have seen on TV,” Paul said. “But the reality is, electricity is dangerous and shouldn’t be something you do as a weekend project. A lot of municipalities in the area also require that you obtain the proper permits and inspections on electrical work for safety so it really is best to leave these projects up to the professionals.”

Price Light is a commercial and residential contractor. Your business wiring and lighting will be designed for functionality, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. “If you can imagine it, we can find a way to do it for our clients,” Paul said. And what of those who need assistance with the imagining? Price Light is experienced in interior and exterior lighting design, showcasing your rooms and/or home with style and elegance.